Tiled roofs

Good tiled roofs last for generations. Tiled roofs are quiet – even in attic spaces rain drumming on the roof does not disturb your sleep. Our roofs have won the specialist association’s awards, too!

Bitumen roofs

Contemporary bitumen membranes are high-technology, durable yet lightweight materials which can be installed on different constructions. Bitumen membranes can be used for flat and gabled roofs!

Sheet roofs

If you need a lightweight and rapidly installed roof, then steel sheets are irreplaceable. Sheet roofs can be used on smaller angles where tiled roofs are inappropriate. Sheet roofs are available in different colours, profiles and finishing.

Veldan Ehitus belongs to the Estonian Roof and Facade Masters Federation

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Have you heard the story of the man who built a second storey for his home, but forgot the stairwell?
Life is easier when you leave construction work to the specialists.


A proper facade increases the lifespan of your home and increases the real estate’s value. We will offer you advice on materials for achieving a durable result. We restore old and build new insulated facades out of wood, stone or plaster.

General Construction

We build with very different needs in mind – from foundations to chimneys, sauna terraces to mine buildings. Our roofs have received awards from the speciality association. We take pride in all our tasks.

Industrial Buildings

Time is money. We know how important it is to adhere to deadlines and budgets. Technically difficult projects present us no problems – we even have experience constructing production building complexes.

Project management

Construction is not your field? We advise you concerning everything from signing contracts to accepting the work. We will perform onsite project management if necessary and evaluate the finished building.

Construction & Project Management Since 2009


Assured Quality

We have our own experienced and trustworthy builders – no intermittent employees are permitted on our work sites. We use only quality materials and tools as well as keep ourselves up to date on current technologies. Our work has a warranty, always!

Reasonable Price

Our services cost less than those of big companies – we don’t spend your money on fancy offices and an army of lawyers. As we are a trustworthy partner to construction material importers, we can offer quality materials at friendly prices to you, too.

Clear Conduct

We adhere to deadlines and budgets, but are always ready to discuss the client’s proposals. We give you objective advice and talk about things the way they are, which gives you the assurance that your home, office or production building will match the agreed upon expectations.